Search firm Holtrop Ravesloot is focused on executive search and non-executive search for both the private and public sectors. 

Private Sector:

Fierce international competition demands that organizations adapt and restructure, so that optimum deployment of people and resources yields maximum productivity. Key aspects are innovation, cost management, sustainability and risk management. This places high demands on employees, both in terms of implementing new production methods and efficient supply chain and of e-business developments that reach beyond industry-specific parameters. 

The world has come to make increasing demands on companies in terms of sustainability and respect for people and the environment. Successful businesses are defined by sound leadership and vision, appropriate to their specific industry, organizational culture and social expectations.

Holtrop Ravesloot has over fifty years' experience with the necessary diagnostic skills to assess managers against the backdrop of these specific and demanding requirements. We operate in a multitude of sectors, including B2B, consumer markets and retail. Whether the issue is succession within a family business or strengthening the management of a multinational corporation: every assignment requires a customized approach. We delve deep into our client's organization to understand what sets it apart. No matter how unique the product, service or production facility, it is the human capital that ultimately makes or breaks the success of any organization.

Public Sector:

New defrayment systems, changing regulations and legislation, a call for greater transparency, social accountability, decisiveness and customer focus- issues that all demand attention in the public sector. 

This requires committed management with a clear vision and approach to the challenges they face. People who are willing to put their hearts and souls into their organization. With a sensitivity to the needs of employees, clients, and other stakeholders, and to the contemporary demands on the organization. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience has taught us to recognize the kinship between healthcare, welfare, employment, housing and education.  Cross-fertilization between these sectors and the commercial sector is important in order to encourage necessary social development. The gap between the public and private sectors is closing; the overlaps are becoming visible. This requires a new perspective with respect to the management of these organizations. 

Holtrop Ravesloot's network includes top executives that can personify the organization, act as their ambassador and who will protect the interests of their organization. We search for candidates capable of forging bridges between the various sectors on the basis of integral vision and have a talent for unifying different cultures.

Holtrop Ravesloot operates in the following public sectors: