How we work

The client and the candidate are equally important to us. Our consultants go the extra mile to ensure a lasting match.

By definition, every search is unique and client-specific. The consultants at Holtrop Ravesloot take pride in setting a high standard for every assignment. In the interest of the client and the candidate. 

Characteristic for the way we work:

  • We are determined to fully and fundamentally understand the context. 
  • Through research, reflection and relentless curiosity, we can compose a crystal clear profile of the ideal candidate.  
  • We incorporate the impact of a developing organization, a changing environment and long-term requirements. 


For each of our assignments, we follow a number of consecutive steps. Throughout this process, we never lose sight of the importance of clear, open and productive communication. The methodology applied by our search firm: 

  • Analysis - We meet with the client to discuss the organization's culture, objectives and the position requirements, and reach a profound, in-depth understanding of the client's organization. Our extensive analysis allows us to give candidates an informed impression of the nature, content and context of the position and the organization. 
  • Profile - With the client's input we draft a profile. This specification consists of a description of the organization, the position, and an ideal candidate profile. 
  • Search - Our consultants conduct a market intelligence and competitor analysis. Based on this review and the profile specifications they start the search together with our research consultants. We approach suitable candidates from our own network, and always extend our search to identify new assignment-specific candidates. Any potential candidates introduced by the client or other parties will also be assessed.
  • Shortlist - Suitable candidates whose interest has been roused will be invited to discuss the position with our consultants. Those interviews will yield a shortlist of candidates, with comprehensive resumes. The shortlist will be discussed with the client. 
  • Selection - A further selection will be made based on the shortlist. During the period that the client conducts interviews with the candidates, we will act as a sparring partner. We facilitate contract negotiations and take references. 
  • Evaluation - Once the final candidate has been appointed and hired, we will assess the overall assignment. This includes maintaining regular contact with the placed candidate in his new working environment, as well as with the client. Where necessary, we will offer additional counsel and support.