Choosing Holtrop Ravesloot

We push on where others stop. The commitment we all share at Holtrop Ravesloot, stems from our passion for people.

As the Netherlands' first headhunter, Holtrop Ravesloot has accumulated a wealth of invaluable know-how and experience within executive and non-executive search. Throughout the years, we have achieved many successful placements and have been able to contribute to countless flourishing careers. 

Our success is not based on our lengthy history alone, but is predominantly the result of our personal and creative approach. Three sound reasons to choose Holtrop Ravesloot:  

  1. Organizations that turn to Holtrop Ravesloot have access to the finest candidates. We pride ourselves on our high-quality candidate network, and have consistently allowed only top talent to register with our firm. 
  2. Our extensive experience, thorough methodologyand a high-quality candidate network allow us to provide our clients with the most effective service possible. Our aim is to get it 'right the first time'. Which is reflected by the facts: we have a 95% success rate. Nearly all our placed candidates still hold the position after one year in the job. We always aim for this 'top fit'.
  3. We recognize the importance of timing. Holtrop Ravesloot is committed to delivering the best candidate on time, as agreed - without allowing any concessions to thoroughness, precision or professionalism. 


The success of Holtrop Ravesloot is also defined by the following approach: 

  • We encourage cross-fertilization between industries - we look at candidates' competencies, not (only) the sector(s) in which they have worked. Unconventional crossovers have lead to some of our most successful placements.
  • Our search firm offers a range of additional services such as coaching, consulting, board services and support. Our commitment to our clients goes well beyond the limits of a successful placement. 
  • The 'glass ceiling' is non-existent at Holtrop Ravesloot. Women constitute fifty percent of our placements in the public sector
  • Every placement is underpinned by thorough analysis. Our consultants join forces with our team of researchers to establish the client's search priorities and subsequently conduct an in-depth screening of every candidate.
  • We create shared success. A placement is successful only when both the client and the candidate are satisfied. We are our clients' allies: together, we work to achieve the perfect match.